Thursday, February 5, 2009


This morning as I was heading out to the gym, I dropped my beloved SIGG bottle and made a big dent in it! Boo, hoo. I am so sad! I've had this SIGG bottle for over a year now, and carry it with me everywhere (instead of a plastic water bottles... and the incredible amount of waste they add to landfills!). I take it to choir practice, the gym, hiking, running errands, etc. My DD turned us on to SIGG bottles, and helped us become more "green" by stopping the bottled water usage! (Thanks, DD!) The good news is that my SIGG bottle is not leaking anywhere because of the dent, so I plan to continue using it, wabi sabi and all.


  1. You'll be glad to know from the SIGG website FAQs....

    "I dropped my bottle and My Bottle Dented...!Again, our bottle has been tested and meets a very high standard of mechanical durability while being lightweight. Yet the stress of a full bottle landing at an unfortunate angle may be sufficient to dent it, no matter how long you've owned your Bottle. Regrettably, there is not much to be done about this. Please Note:A dented SIGG Bottle will not effect the functionality of the liner. SIGG will not replace damaged bottles due to misuse and mishandling, and that includes dropping them.

    It'll be perfectly safe to use. And if you decide to get another one, don't forget to recycle the old one!!