Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6-10-09 So Far ~ So Good!

DH and I drove to Iowa City today, so I got in another 2 hours of knitting while he drove and I tagged along!
This is about how far one skein of my variegated yarn got me...
three more skeins to go! The yarn is actually three treads, one in the center around which the other two twist, the second one is army green, and the third one is variegated colors (orange-red-purple-blue-green-yellow). The texture makes it a bit challenging to knit but produces a soft & cuddly texture, and I am really liking the rainbow effect! It is a wonderful example of diversity with unity!!!


  1. You, Ms Becky, are a machine! WOW! You are powering through this project!

    It looks gorgeous! I love the colors, and I am a texture girl - I am drawn to both animate and inanimate objects that show a lot of texture.

  2. Love the colors. All you gals who can sew and knit make me so jealous.

    It looks so soft.

  3. Gorgeous, wish I knew how to knit. I have decided those pokey things are just too dangerous for me!

    I had a total brain fart when I was writing the previous sentence...I now remember the "pokey things" are called knitting needles. Geez!

  4. Oh hon this is gorgeous!!! Love the colors and the texture!!! Not to mention you are FAAAAASSST!!! Sarah

  5. If I showed you one of the few things I tried to knit years ago, we could play guess what the heck it is all night. That looks beautiful. ~Mary

  6. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished product.