Friday, June 12, 2009

6-12-09 Friday Shoot Out ~ M

I think I went W A Y overboard this week!
I promise I'll scale back next Friday!

My Mouth!

M 'n Ms





Murphy's Law (rules my life!)



Muscle Makers

Mmmmmm, Mmmmmmm good! (Choc Sheet Cake!)

Maize (surrounds me here in Iowa)


Me @ Maya Tulum

Mask (from my digital photography class)

My Make Up Mask (I love Bare Escentuals!)

Marvelous Mountains!

More Mountains

Mountain tops (taken while hiking on the Appalachian Trail)

Mustache (the cutest one I've ever seen...Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago)


My Man

Magnificent Mound of Moisture Molecules (looking out my back door)!!!

Thanks for looking!
Hope you enjoyed my "M's!"
Love & Light ~ OM girl


  1. Becky, your M's were fantastic! I have SO many favorites. Let's see how many I can list without scrolling back"
    - the piano keys
    - the muscle makers
    - your man
    - the bird with the mustache
    - the mountains
    - the mask

    Look, 6 that stood out without having to go back! Love it!

    I just scrolled back - I also love the Maya shot!

  2. Wonderful collection of "M's." One can never have too many or too little. That is one thing that makes this all interesting. Each blog has something different.

    Loved the masque and the bird. Loved them all, but those two were my favorites.

  3. Wow girl - do more not less nedt week how fun was this!!! Loved the bird and the mouser..yes the M&M's and the cake....yummmmm. You how lovely you are and your Mama, what an amazing face!!
    I take exception to the "Mess" lol. I have 8 kids here everyday - will have to post an end of the day "Mess"- your mess is my a beginning of the day mess for me! giggle
    Wonderful, wonderful - you left me wanting more - great job hon!!! Sarah

  4. the pic of your mouth is unique. I don't think anyone else has done that one. of course the mountain shots are so beautiful. you have awesome blue eyes and the shot of your man is a fabulous shot. marvelous job!!

  5. Mask~ looks replete with scandal. Mustache~ breezy & amusing. Maize~ land lust. Sheet cake~ Yes, please. ~Mary

    The picture of your mouth is the one that struck me most.

  6. Hi Becky, for some reason I have not got you on my list, sorry.I came via Audrey. :D
    Your photography is amazing! Great job on the 'M's. I thoroughly enjoyed it.xx♥

  7. Those were great M's!!! I love the mouser :)

  8. Wonderful photos. I especially like the clouds... the last and the ones with the mountains.

  9. Well done Friday Shoot out, I like your mouser, btu not so much the mouse!

  10. I am getting caught up with your blogg. I just love all of these. You are magnificent

  11. Thanks so much Laur! Coming from YOU, it makes it extra special... as I just LOVE your photography!

  12. You had not visited the first time I stopped by. Tremendous job! I liked the mouser, doing his job! Great pics.