Monday, June 15, 2009

6-15-09 Dumb Blonde Question

This dumb blonde has a question for all you bloggers out there...
do you ever get this error-window when you try to open blogs that you follow?
It pops up on different blogs on different days, and will not allow me to open the blogs that I follow and therefore I cannot read them or leave comments. :-(

When I click on the OK button in the above photos, I get this:

Has this happened to any of you? What did you do to fix it?
~OM girl


  1. Yup..I get that on a few, most commonly on Meghann's. The way to fix it most often is to hit the back arrow at the top of your screen. Give that a go and see what happens. Good luck! Sure wish blogger would fix this as it is annoying and it makes it look like you aren't commenting on people's blogs! Grrrr.

  2. Thanks Audrey! I have actually tried that... to no avail. :-(

  3. I have never had this trouble.. maybe try using a different internet server like Firefox.