Thursday, June 18, 2009

6-18-09 Saying Thank You

Today as I snail-mailed some "thank you" cards and other notes, I got to thinking how seldom people do this anymore.

These days, a verbal "Thanks!" seems sufficient for most folks who are the recipient of a gift, gracious hospitality, or special acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. They might even go to the "trouble" of an e-mail or e-card thank you, or simply a card to which they have signed their name... but hand-written thank you notes seem to have become passé. It makes me sad.

There is nothing more uplifting to me, than to receive a hand-written card & note from a loved one (or even a stranger!). I challenge everyone to think of someone who deserves a "Thank You" and send them an unexpected hand-written thank you note... I guarantee it will bless them... and you!

Love & Light~
OM girl


  1. I always snail mail thank you cards. I got an email wedding gift thank you once. LOL, but it was sad in a way too.
    I find less people send a thank you & less people even thank you for anything. Maybe lots of people feel less thankful in general? ~Mary

  2. I was raised right, so I do handwritten thank you notes to this very day and I force my children to do the same! LOL.

  3. I was just discussing this same thing with someone else the other day. It is so sad that we have lost the art of "penmanship"/personalized notes, etc. I am going to accept your challenge, and send off a hand written letter or card.
    Great post (no pun intended!)

  4. I know what you mean. I also know that I rarely send a handwritten anything. I don't even mail checks anymore. If I can't pay on the computer, I use the phone to pay with a credit card.