Monday, June 22, 2009

6-22-09 Windows to the Soul

Today was my annual eye check with my new eye doctor.
She dilated my eyes and said my eye health looked good.
And my current prescription is still correct! YAY!
No need to buy new glasses. Whew!!!
I think eyes are a window to the soul.


  1. Good for you on the eye health! That is fantastic.

  2. Is that you in the photo?

    Glad you don't need new glasses. I so hate that. Mo money, mo money, mo money'

  3. Great appointment! Glasses are SO expensive - and my 11 yr old has been wearing them since he was 18 mos old. He gets a new pair every year (growing, new prescriptions, he's hard on them, etc.) and they're just as expensive as grown up glasses!

  4. I was boorn with bad eyes and I hate eye exams, always make me feel like I'm failing.... 1 or 2, 1 or 2.... half the time I don't see a difference... failing.