Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6-24-09 Kayaks

Today my DH and a friend of his went kayaking along the Mississippi River. My DH used to row in college, has not been back on the water since then, and absolutely loved his kayaking adventure today, so this afternoon we started shopping at the local sporting goods/active adventures stores today for a Kayak. I may work up my courage and give it a whirl too! It sounds like so much fun, and is such good exercise! It will be a wonderful challenge for me. I always grow when I step outside my comfort zone!!!


  1. in Rio on the Lagoa there are rowing lessons, I keep saying I am going to take a few and see if I like it.... soon.

  2. Good for you Becky! I hope that you do it. You are right - it is supposed to be extremely taxing to do it, but you would be in excellent condition by the end of the season!
    I want to take up Dragon Boating. I think that would be fun.