Thursday, June 4, 2009

6-4-09 Bubbler & Tubing

Hello fellow bloggers!
To answer more questions that I have received regarding my Dandelion Wine...
1) The bubbler is a small contraption that screws onto the top of the gallon jar. You fill it about half full of water, and then as the yeasties feast on the sugars in the wine, they "fart" out gases (ha! I can't believe I just said that!!!), which then rise to the top like the carbonation fizz in soda pop/beer/etc. and come out through the bubbler. It is a way for the gases to get out, but still keep bacteria in the outside air from entering into the wine. I purchased my bubblers at a wine making supply store for 59 cents. If you don't have one of those available in your area, you can also use a balloon on top of the bottle.

The other piece you saw in the photos was a 5 foot length of 3/8" tubing from the hardware store, which we used for siphoning the wine out of (and back into) the gallon jars. This is NOT what I was referring to as the bubbler.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions. Let me know if your have any others and I will be glad to try and answer them!
Love & Light~
OM girl


  1. Ha Ha! I am STILL a consumer rather than manufacturer, but now I am a very amused consumer, envisioning your wine farting its way to perfection!

  2. I'm visualizing a red balloon on top!
    Thanks, Becky, for your comments on that 'poem' (and I use the word loosely) I posted today, it was all true incidents. I don't have much imagination - well, just a bit where fairies are concerned but that's only because they won't stay still long enough to let us see them.