Friday, June 5, 2009

6-5-09 Friday Shoot Out - Random Pix

Random pix from across the street... got me to thinking...
what am I building in my life? How well is it constructed?
And what am I leaving behind?
Love & Light ~
OM girl


  1. What a beautiful thought at the end of your shoot Becky. We should all think about that every day shouldn't we?
    I just love the shot of the nails the best I think. I kept looking at them all and I just kept going back to that one.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with love, joy and laughter and........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Becky, that is very prolific (is that the word I am looking for?)! That would actually be a cool shoot out - display pictures and then relate them to your personal growth! Very cool! And good job on your shoot out! I love all of the angles in your pictures - it makes them seem as though there is movement in them.

  3. I LOvE the first shot - the look down through the chanel made within the material we use to Build our life. But please don't make it a shoot out topic I would have to THINK
    good shoot out.

  4. Beautiful thought to go with your wonderful photos!

  5. Oh hon - wonderful!! I love all the directions of everything!!! Wow girl!! Wonderful!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  6. Wonderful random shots and words at the end of your post! It made me think as well. Thank you . Have a great weekend :)

  7. Welcome to our shoot outs. I am amazed at how big our shoot out has grown. I have been derelict in my duties of keeping up with everyone. I do hope to get better organized this week.

    I love your random photos, and I love the commentary at the end. This was a very simple but unique post with a strong message.

    Kudos. Hope to see you back next week.

  8. Sorry I missed this last week. These are great random shots! I loved random, it worked for me. I'll be back for "M"