Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7-15-09 Shoes!!!

It has been ages since I bought myself some new shoes! (and clothes!) I recently bought a black skirt and a black dress, so needed some black flats to wear with them. I found these two pair at Target and thought they were both super cute, comfy and reasonably priced, so I splurged!!!
It made me think about shoes... and WALKING A MILE IN OTHER PEOPLE'S SHOES... of which I need to be extra mindful this week, what with TWO funerals of friends at church this week! It is always difficult to know what to say or do to help ease someone else's suffering other than just being present, as I have not yet walked in the shoes of someone who has just lost their husband or mother. I pray that God will help me be mindful and present and a source of comfort anyway.


  1. Not to say outside forces should determine your peace of mind, but a girl HAS to have some new shoes!

  2. Just expressing your condolences is enough. The bereaved family will be too preoccupied to process much more than that, but your presence will be remembered and treasured.

  3. Love the shoes!

    When my Dad passed away, the thing that I appreciated the most from the mourners were their remembrances of my Dad. I loved when people came up and said to me, "You know Audrey, I will never forget the time your Dad..." or even things like, "Your Dad was such a good friend. I will miss him."
    Those were the words that brought me personally the most comofort.