Friday, July 3, 2009

7-3-09 Sushi Rolls

DD and I had fun making Sushi Rolls (using brown rice and seaweed) for dinner tonight! We filled them with cucumber, avocado and crab meat, and dipped them in soy sauce mixed with wasabi. Mmmmmm!!!! Love the burn! It is the first time we have tried making them, and they turned out GREAT!!! YAY! I love it when that happens... and I love doing things with my DD (Dear Daughter)!


  1. I LOVE California rolls! I have never tried to make them, but I have heard that with the right equipment, they aren't too difficult. How nice that you got to spend time with Chelsea!

  2. My kind of meal...and I have taught classes have done a marvelous job! I want a few pieces with wasabi please...