Monday, July 6, 2009

7-6-09 Beautiful Berries!

This morning's breakfast... picked along my jogging trail... the bushes are so full right now that I had to use a wild rhubarb leaf to carry home my pickings (there were so many my hands could not hold them all!). I will be so sad when the canes are done bearing fruit for the season... but am sooooo grateful for every delicious, nutritious, organic morsel DH and I have eaten and enjoyed! (Sorry, you guys are probably getting sick of seeing pix of my blackberries... but I'm sure not getting sick of eating my free blackberries!)

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  1. NEVER getting sick of the beauty of goodness! Blackberries are one of my favorites. I used to go to Vancouver's north shore on a regular basis to purchase fresh, organic blackberries. Nothing like it!