Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7-7-09 Organic?


  1. That looks amazing! Great shot!

  2. Is it glass?? Wow very cool shot!!
    I read your comment on Audrey's post this morning - soooo with you there. I felt huge pressure as my follower's #'s grew.. to reach out and touch people every day - yikes huge time I do not have!! So...I did the same thing..I have several that I follow everyday and others that I pop in often and some only now and again. I realized I was not being helpful if I was rushing through their posts & I was feeling stressed - so I took off the pressure and stopped to breathe.
    Your blog is wonderful fun and I never feel what you post is mundane - lol. I dealy love seeing the ins and outs of real peoples lives - what moves them. Thanks for popping by mine..no pressure..just thanks!!
    Hugs and namaste, Sarah