Friday, August 21, 2009

8-20-09 Didgeridoo

DH and I attended a Didgeridoo workshop today at Sinsinawa, WI.
On the way there, we drove through Dubuque, Iowa, where I took him up the tram to see a bird's eye view of the city and the Mississippi River...
then we crossed the bridge into Illinois on our way to Galena...

In Galena, IL we had a DELICIOUS dinner at an Italian Restaurant called Vinny's.

After dinner at Vinny's we headed to the Sinsinawa Mound (in Wisconsin) for the Didgeridoo workshop with Phil Jones, a native Aussie. It was awesome!!! We learned how to create the didgeridoo sound, as well as a "circular breathing technique" and many other variations, which will need hours of practice, like playing any musical instrument. He also spoke of "The Sacred Aspects of Breath and Sound." We love learning and trying new things!

Photos of the Sinsinawa Mound (Wisconsin) from a distance, the inside of the lobby, some wooden and PVC pipe didgeridoos, and of Phil Jones.

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