Thursday, August 27, 2009

8-27-09 Directions

Today I made my first mistake while knitting this Shrug, and being a beginning knitter (I'm a life-long crochet-er!), I had no clue how to fix my mistake, so I immediately put the caps on my knitting needles and headed to the local Knit Shop to ask for help and directions in fixing the problem...which they did. It was either that, or rip it all out and begin again, or leave the mistake and end up with a big hole in my Shrug (not an option!).
It got me to thinking... it is said that GUYS are not good at asking for help/directions when they need it, but how many of us GALS ask for help when we need it?!?! Or do we just struggle along, hoping that no one will notice the resulting errors, dropped stitches and holes we leave behind? Today's knitting boo-boo was a gentle reminder to me to seek help when I need it, and that there is usually always someone available to give help when asked! Is there something you need help with today in your life?

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  1. Oh my goodness you are spot on with your thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing. You always get me thinking, and at the same time I love seeing your photography blossom.