Thursday, August 6, 2009

8-6-09 Raised Garden

Because DH wants a garden and...
Because all the topsoil was bulldozed away in our housing development, all we have left is clay... which is NOT real conducive to gardening...
DH and I built frames for some "raised garden beds." He sprayed inside the frames with Round-Up and after the grass has died in a few days, he plans to move the frames, spade over the dead grass and mix in some sand (for drainage) and organic material, then replace the frames over the turned soil and top them off with more dirt, organic material and manure for fertilizer (which should be easy to find in rural Iowa!!!). Next spring/summer he plans to plant vegetable seeds & plants, as well as several herbs (and maybe a few flowers?), put stepping stones and mulch around the frames and maybe some chicken wire around the edges to keep the critters out!

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