Friday, October 2, 2009

10-2-09 Wisconsin Knife Show

Today, DH and I drove to Wisconsin for a Knife Show (his idea) and we both came home with a new blade! Here is a pix of my cute, little, purple Spyderco! Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE purple!!!

Also, Evil Twin's Wife was kind enuf to send me five words for the Friday Five, so here they are with just the first thing that pops into my head when I hear these words:
1. Pistachio~ YUM!!! What comes to mind is the many batches of homemade pistachio ice cream I made for the family while the kids were growing up, and the fun times we had sitting around the table together eating it and getting brain freeze!
2. Cliffhanger~ every Friday episode of All My Children... I hold my breath all weekend until Monday's episode to see how they resolve things... been watching that stupid show for more than 30 years!!!
3. Daisy~ immediately brings to mind my BFF because it is her favorite flower from her ordination into the ministry.
4. Pigeon~ poop; The bird lady feeding them in the Mary Poppins movie (I think I can still sing that beautiful song word for word!); Boston, where my DH went to school, and when I went to visit, we walked everywhere we went, and the dang pigeons were everywhere; and finally, the organized Pigeon Shoots we had in downtown Sedalia, MO each summer to get rid of the blasted things!!!
5. Soup~ I prefer homemade, and eat lots of it during cold weather! I have an awesome recipe for chicken noodle soup. I made some of it for a soup supper at church one time, and someone bought a bowl, took it home and fed it to a person at home who was on chemo and had no appetite, and had not eaten for quite awhile, and she ate it all and asked for more! So the person came back and bought a full quart of the stuff. It just blessed me all day! :-)

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