Thursday, October 22, 2009

10-22-09 This and That

My mail today...

My supper today... a "Pumpkin Pizza" from Papa Murphy's...

My accomplishments today...
I ran 5+ miles in the rain this morning, and
after dinner, I finished and bound off the first panel for my knitted shrug (see post on 8-27-09):

Now I'm going to cast on the second panel while watching "Fast Forward" on ABC!!!


  1. Ohh nooo...ackkkkk jury summons!!!! Sorry hon..the pumpkin pizza looks fun though...Lol..all the way across the country we were eating Papa Murphys too!!! Small world..ours didn't look like a pumpkin though!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  2. Congrats on getting that shrug piece done! It's beautiful!

  3. I have been summoned twice and I was really excited about it both times. I never made it on a jury though. Do you want to serve?

  4. Yes, I DO want to serve!!!
    I was on a federal grand jury in Missouri for 18 months and it was absolutely fascinating!!!
    I loved it!!! I was also the jury secretary.
    I hope they pick me!