Friday, October 9, 2009

10-9-09 New Makeup!!!

I just received my new makeup in the mail the other day
and am excited to experiment with all the different "looks"
they have created in the booklet which accompanies the makeup!!!
YAY! I love playing in makeup!
And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bare Escentuals!!!

Sometimes when I think about it, the whole concept of makeup is weird. I will not leave the house without it, but it is probably because I have been brainwashed by this culture that I need it to look more beautiful... or more importantly, to look more youthful. Heaven forbid I should look my age!!! Youth is worshipped in Western Culture... Age is revered in Eastern culture... which one is correct? or are both correct? or neither? Maybe we should hold neither youth nor age in high regard, but just accept each as it is, and just BE. Then I wouldn't need to "put on my face" every morning! (And the makeup industry would go out of business!!!)
...Wait, I DO need it... for the SPF protection!!! Whew!


  1. I got the BE kit a few years ago and really liked it, but I have found that the store brands of the mineral make ups work just as well, and cost less, too (I'm a cheapskate). LOL. The best thing is that the mineral make up is so EASY. I can do my face in about 5 minutes, but it takes a little longer to do my eyes.