Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12-1-09 Metzger's to the Rescue!

After driving 6 hours to another state, my car's idler pulley decided to tear up a serpentine belt, which really threw a wrench into our plans to visit with family....argh... because we wanted to get back home before it got dark. No such luck.
But God is good, and sent angel helper #1:Sue, to direct us to an auto repair shop; angel #2:Harold, to follow us to the auto repair shop in case we broke down; angel #3:the Mechanic at Metzger's to diagnose and fix the problem!
So, 3 and a half hours and several hundred dollars later, we were able to arrive at our final destination and deliver the requested knitted slippers, and the surprise prayer shawl... and then, angel #4 kept us safe during the drive home...in the dark!

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