Thursday, December 31, 2009

12-31-09 Popping the Cork

My DS brought us a bottle of Champagne at Thanksgiving...
and tonight I'm popping its cork to
1) toast the New Year with several friends from church,
2) toast in remembrance of our dearly departed this past year (miss you, Mom),

3) toast to congratulate myself for successfully completing last years New Years resolution, which was this photo blog... to post a photo a day, allowing friends and family a peek into my daily life and thoughts, getting myself more familiar with my camera and learning to pay attention and SEE! YAY! I did it! Congratulations also to fellow photo bloggers Chelsea and Tracy/Amery!!! I have soooooooooo enjoyed your photo blogs each and every day! Great stuff! I plan to continue... after a fashion... in 2010 and hope you do as well.
Happy New Year everyone!!!

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