Sunday, February 14, 2010

2-14-2010 Golden Threads

Today I finished knitting the panels for the shrug I started last summer.
(See my August 27, 2009 post)
Tomorrow I will sew the seams together and have it ready to wear for Easter.
The yarn is a beautiful gold with metalic threads that shimmer and shine.
I can't wait to wrap it around me and wear it after working on it for months!!!
I cannot describe the satisfaction that I feel from turning a piece of string into a piece of fabric, loop by loop by loop. It must be similar to what a builder feels as he builds a house, board by board... nail by nail... until finally... you have a finished product. :*)

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  1. I also love the satisfaction of seeing a finished project, let alone, the work as it is in progress. I crochet, so I can relate. I am sure you will get alot of wear out of this beautiful shawl!