Sunday, February 7, 2010

2-7-2010 Symphony

Last night DH and I attended a performance by the QC Symphony and guest conductor, soloists, and the Handel Oratorio Society... it was the most magnificent performance I have E V E R attended . . . in my entire 60 years of life!!! I was transported to another realm!!!!!
I have NEVER IN MY LIFE heard a soprano with such perfect pitch, control, and musical finesse: Mary Wilson.
Program notes quoting the Dallas Morning News, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the San Francisco Classical Voice said, "Her bright soprano seems to know no terrors, wrapping itself seductively around every phrase... a fine lyric soprano with focused, lustrous tone and sterling enunciation... her fast passages were flawless in intonation and seemingly easy in execution... her feel for the sound and meaning of words was impeccable... her mastery of Handel's grand leaps and wide-ranging runs was total." These high praises and adulations still do not do her justice! All I can say is, OMG!!!!!!

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  1. I LOVE Symphony's! I use to play flute and regret quiting. I have thought about taking a class to get back into it. There is something about listening to instruments! Glad you and the hubby had a great time! I would have to drag mine kicking and screaming! LOL