Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3-10-2010 Can Spring be Far Behind?

This morning
Orange red buds
begin to blossom
on the geranium
I brought in last fall...
can Spring be far behind?


  1. No idea about the Spring status, but the flower does look very beautiful!



  2. Beautiful picture. Yes -- Spring is around the corner!

  3. I heard much about the severity of the winter this year from the Midwest eastward anyway, so I guess you must be glad to see it winding down.

    My best friend in college was from Melcher, Iowa, I think it was. Anyway, it was about thirty miles southeast of Des Moines. The first time I was in the state, I hitch-hiked up from Mississippi to see him. I don't know if you're aware that I spent two years in Minneapolis, which gave me a lot better taste of the winters there than I really wanted. One time we drove down to the state museum in Des Moines. I don't remember the name, but I was quite impressed with it.

  4. Snowbrush, I've hear the Pacific Northwest has had a bit of bad weather too with resulting mudslides and such. I imaagine that winters in Minneapolis pack quite a punch, so you probably got a good taste of what we endure here in Iowa. DH and I have grown to hate the long, cold winters in Iowa, so decided to embrace what we hate and go outside and play in the cold and snow with cross country skiing. (See Feb.13 and Feb 23 posts). It helps us look forward to the next snowfall.

  5. I cross country skied in Minnesota, and will agree that it's better to get out than to stay in. Here in western Oregon, we just get rain all winter, and I do mean all winter plus half of the fall and half of the spring. Then, in summer, everything turns brown because we get next only an occasional trace of rain. One thing about summer though, you can pretty well plan outdoor activities with little to no worries about getting wet.