Monday, May 3, 2010

5-2-2010 Chalk the Walk

"Chalk the Walk" is held on the first weekend in May
in Mt. Vernon, IA.
On our way home from our weekend road trip
we stopped in Iowa City to have lunch with our daughter
who mentioned the "Chalk the Walk" festivities...
so we went to check it out!
We found two city blocks of chalk drawings
in downtown Mt. Vernon IA...
(who knew!!!)...

live music on the street
and good eats and shopping in the downtown shops...

TV news helicoptors filming the event from above...

'Dorothy' handing out treats to an artist...

I found the artists to be as interesting as their artwork!
They were covered in chalk!

Thanks for mentioning this, dear daughter!
We really enjoyed it, and plan to go again next year. :*)


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. I Love this event too! I can imagine wanting my little share of 'fame' with the artists!!!

  2. Now that looks like a ton of fun, and those chalk drawings are amazing. Great photos.

    I am glad you dropped in. I have finally retired and after a few weeks, will have more time to blog. I used to visit your site on a regular basis until I got so busy.

    Do check out my new blog - I am keeping my Crisfield blog but finally have time to scan negatives from my work all the way back to 1985. I will also post newer photos not pertaining to my town.

    Look forward to visiting you again.