Sunday, May 9, 2010

5-9-2010 Mother's Day

This is my first Mother's Day without my mom.
She died in Dec. 2009,
was cremated
and the mortuary 'disposed of her ashes'
so I have no 'grave site'
where I can go visit and talk to her.
So, I bought my first Isabel Bloom statue
"Comfort" from 1998
to remind me of my mom on special days like this.
Nothing can replace a mother's love.

Here's another mother trying to get her 15 babies across a busy street!
God bless mothers of all shapes, sizes and species!


  1. Becky, my mother died in 1988, and I suffered horribly for 18 months, although even during that time, my grief slowly dissipated. Trust me, things WILL get better. For now, you can probably expect that holidays will be especially hard. Please be patient with yourself. No two people's grief is the same, and I even found that my own grief for my parents was very different.

    I had my father cremated and dropped him off in the Pacific after keeping him in the hall closet for years while I thought about what to do with him. I buried my mother, at her request, in a concrete vault. I will evermore be disturbed and grossed out by her choice to deny her remains a speedy return to nature. As for my father, he had no request, so I did with him what I would like done with myself.

  2. Thats so sad. I feel for you.

    The statue is really pretty, may it give you comfort and always remind you of the great times you had with ur mum.

  3. Thanks, Snowbrush and lyptis, for your kind words and sympathy. It is good to hear that the ache may slowly dissipate over time. I will treasure all the memories of good times I had with mom. Thanks for your comments.

  4. It's true there is no love as great as yours. I love you mom!

  5. I just realized that I can comment on your blog lol. I love you and watch out now I may never stop. :)