Thursday, July 15, 2010

7-3-2010 IRZ - UMCD - CSEPP - ECS

Today we drove from Helena, Montana to Boardman, Oregon
passing miles and miles and miles and miles
of flat fields with these strange bumps in them:

and then these government fenced buildings: finally stop for the night
at this beautiful "River View Lodge" in Boardman, OR...
lovely accomodations after a week of rustic state park cabins!

...the river view from our room's window:

The Lodge's visitor guide notebook on the desk in our room
was an interesting read...letting us know what those stange looking mounds were all about!
(You can left-click on the pictures to make them larger and read them, then left-click on the back arrow in the far left hand corner of your monitor to return to the blog)

By the next morning, DH-Rod had sprouted a third ear
and I glowed green! Just kidding! :*)

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