Friday, July 16, 2010

7-5-2010 Silent Witnesses

This morning we explored the Crescent City Harbor
and its many fishing boats...

...then we headed into the Redwood National Forest
to experience the awesome grandeur
of these silent witnesses (1500-200 years old!)
to thousands of years of human history!
It was humbling to be in their presence.

Ground cover under the Redwoods is mostly LARGE ferns.
Oh, look... I think I see Edward and Jacob playing tag.
Wait, I can't tell if it's Jacob... he still has his shirt on! :*)

By the end of the day
my neck was beginning to hurt
from looking UP so much
at these amazing giants!
Everyone who has been here
knows what I'm talking about!

After having explored most of the driving and hiking trails,
we took the "Sky Trail" to see the Redwoods from a bird's eye view!
It was a 7 minute tram ride to the top of a mountain
with breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean on one side
and the mountains and forests on the other side.

After having explored the Redwoods in this area all day
we started our drive south on the California coastline...

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