Thursday, October 28, 2010

10-27-2010 In The Round

After knitting these dialysis sleeves
in the round
I decided to try designing my own pattern
for a dog sweater for Starla
by modifying the sleeve pattern:
My very first sweater for her
(see 10-24-2010 post)
was from a pattern on the internet
and involved two rectangles (top and bottom)
sewn together resulting in two seams along her belly.
I thought if I could figure out how to knit the sweater
in the round, it would eliminate those seams
and make the sweater more comfy for her.

Eliminating the seams on the belly side
meant I needed to find another way
to make holes for the legs
so I taught myself how to make knitted buttonholes...
I made vertical buttonholes in the pink sweater
and horizontal buttons in the purple sweater.
I'll have to ask Starla's mommy and daddy
which buttonhole orientation fits & works better for her.

Eye update:

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