Thursday, December 2, 2010

12-1-2010 K2tog

" K2tog "
a simple knitting instruction
to Knit 2 stitches together...
easier said than done
when you are trying to put
a size 0 stitch onto a size 2 needle!!!
It has taken me 3 days to knit one round of 108 stitches!

Note to self:
the next time I knit this 2010 Winter Olympics Hat
knit the first row after the provisional cast on
using a needle one size larger than
what you will use for the rest of the hat!
Also, omit 7-10 rows (where ever possible)
and 1 column per moose/reindeer
and well as extra white field rows,
and CO 100 sts to make forehead band design continuous
and adjust the pattern accordingly,
perhaps add 2 more trees.

I'm learning soooooo much
while knitting this 'practice hat!'
New techniques
and how to rework a bad pattern!

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