Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2-4-2012 Winter Storm

DH & I looked at our schedules
and decided to drive to Nebraska
to visit family and friends this weekend...
and 4 hours from home
we drove right into a winter storm...

and landed in the center median of I-80...

A Highway patrolman picked us up 
and took us to a nearby Super 8 motel
(a warm and cozy shelter in the storm)
where we stayed for 2 days...

...waiting for it to stop snowing
and for the highways and shoulders to be plowed,
after which the towing ban was lifted...

Our car was towed from the ditch
and appeared undamaged and drivable
as far as we could tell...
so we drove to our friends' house in Iowa
(we never made it to Nebraska
where they got 12+ inches of snow!)
before turning around and driving home.
Before we left for home, Saint Steve
marked/blessed our car with the cross of Christ
to protect us on our journey home...

We took the car through the car wash when we got home
to remove the thick layers of road salt 
and lots of mud from our spin into the ditch.
We can no longer SEE the cross
but we know it is still there...
just like the sign of the cross on our foreheads
from our baptisms...
can't see them... but know they are there...
a reminder that we are God's beloved children!!!

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