Sunday, August 5, 2012

8-5-2012 Top Secret!

This morning I just finished knitting
a BSJ for a baby due in September 
in the San Francisco area.
This yarn reminded me of the SF area...
the red for the Golden Gate Bridge,
the aqua blue for the waters of the San Francisco Bay,
the greens for the vineyards
in which the parents to be were married,
the brown for the fertile soils in CA
that grow so much of our fruits and vegetables!
I know they are not the 'traditional' colors of a baby sweater
(pink or blue)
but I hope the new parents will like it anyway!
Grandma, I know you check my blog on occasion,
so this is top secret!!!
Don't show this to them until AFTER they get it! Ha.

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  1. Top Secret but it's on the internet...should I post it to Wikileaks? :P Love you!