Monday, September 3, 2012

9-2-2012 How to Wash Hand Knit Items

Since I have begun making hand-knit items for friends and family, several have asked how to wash them, so I thought I would do a quick tutorial about how to hand-wash hand-knits...

Place item in a bowl of lukewarm water
to which several drops of laundry soap have been added:

Submerse the item completely:

Allow the item to soak for about 10-15-min
until all fibers are well saturated:

Gently squish item with hand to 'wash' it:

Tip the bowl and dump out soapy water,
then refill with fresh lukewarm water
to rinse out the soap:

Gently squeeze the water from item:

Place item on a folded bath towel:

 Fold other half of bath towel on top of item
and then stand on it to press water out of the item
and into the towel:

Remove the item off of the wet towel,
place it on a second, clean dry bath towel
and shape the item
(in this case, a baby sweater)
to your liking:
It is at this point (^) you can re-shape/stretch 
items made with wool 
several sizes larger
to extend the life of the sweater
and the time it will fit the baby
as the baby grows.

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