Saturday, June 22, 2013

6-20-2013 Emotional Attachment & Red White Blue

Today I went through my clothes closet
and decided to get rid of things
I have not worn in the past year
or no longer fit.
I was
surprised at
the emotional attachment
I had to some of the clothing!
It was all I could do to let them go!
Why, I wondered?!?!?
I guess it is because of the memories 
attached to the items of clothing...
t-shirts from running in different races (BIX 7, etc.)...
and riding motorcycles in different rallies...
items purchased for special occasions (weddings, etc.)...
I finally decided to share the clothing
but keep the memories!

While I was taking load after load of clothing
out to my car
my next door neighbors were out mowing their yard
and saw me loading up the car.
So, off I go to Goodwill to donate the clothing,
and upon my return, 
my neighbors were just finishing up
mowing MY yard too!
They had seen my dear husband out mowing 
with the borrowed reel push mower this past 2 weeks
while our gas mower was in the repair shop
and now that temps are in the upper 90's (98*F)
they didn't want him out there getting heat stroke!
Bless their hearts!
We live next to angels.  
I promptly went out and bought them a nice thank you card
and gift certificate to a nice local restaurant
as a thank you!

Later that evening, 
DH & I attended another cooking class by Chef Monika.
It had the theme: Red White & Blue:

Red pears poached in red wine
White fish poached in white wine 
with a white chocolate and white champagne sauce
Blue Mountain coffee and blue cornmeal crusted pork tenderloin
topped with a blueberry & smoked blue cheese reduction.


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