Monday, September 30, 2013

9-30-2013 Lost Three Days

after 3 days of knitting, 
I finished the torso for a knitted doll
that I am making via a "Mystery Knit-a-Long..."
only to have 3 of the final 6 stitches drop off the needle!
I spent half an hour trying to pick up the 3 dropped stitches no avail.
The yarn is just too fuzzy (Red Heart Buttercup).
So, I decided to just frog it (rip it all out)
and start again from the beginning.

During the process of ripping it out,
my hand happened to catch the straw in my iced coffee
that was sitting nearby on the table
and proceeded to knock over the coffee
onto the frogged yarn:
At this point, I was so frustrated from losing 3 days of work
and from ruining the yarn with coffee stains
that I used what was still knitted (in Lower Left of photo) 
as a washcloth to mop up the coffee spill
and then threw the entire mess into the garbage can.

After venting my despair on the MKAL forum,
one kind soul said that coffees and teas
very seldom leave stains on acrylic yarns
if you rinse them out while they are still wet.
So, I decided to give it a try!
I gave the knitted portion (left)
and the frogged yarn (right)
a good soaking in some OXYclean and water
and after several minutes
all the coffee came out!

 Then I squeezed out as much of the water as I could
and laid it outside in the sun and breezes to dry.

After it was completely dry
I finished ripping out the rest of the knitting
and then re-wound the yarn into a new ball.
Now I'm ready to begin again!
Wish me better luck next time!

I guess my head will have to wait another week
for her torso and arms:

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