Monday, October 28, 2013

10-28-2013 Eleven Days Later...

Well, I have certainly been AWOL again
when it comes to blog posting!
DH & I spent the last week
on a road trip
which began at Kentucky Lake
and ended up at a family wedding.

On our way to KY Lake,
we drove through Metropolis:
 and their claim to fame... Super Man!

Later that day (Sat. Oct. 19)
we arrived at KY Lake
and stayed at the Kentucky Dam Lodge:
Here was the view from our room:

Sunday, Oct. 20
we investigated the "Land Between the Lakes"
and found a Bison ranch:
and an "Historical Living Farm":
 with an adorable garden out back:

We also saw some lovely Fall colors in the trees:
 and lots of gigantic toadstools!!!

After one day at Kentucky Lake
(we had planned to spend an entire week)
we had seen all there was to see
(pretty much everything was closed for the off-season)
and decided it was time to head on outta there
Monday morning, Oct. 21,
and go cross country to a family wedding.

We cancelled our B&B reservation
in Cape Girardeau for Monday night, Oct. 21
after arriving in town 
and seeing all of downtown was closed
due to the filming of a movie...
so we headed on up to St. Louis...
then Sedalia, MO.
We drove past all 4 our old houses
and stopped by the Daum Museum
(which was closed on Mondays)
so decided to get a hotel room for the night
and peruse the Daum Museum on Tuesday.
The only problem...
the hotels were closed to us...
there were no hotel rooms available in Sedalia
thanks to the Girls' State Golf Tournament
being held in Sedalia Monday-Tuesday.
So, we ended up driving to Warrensburg, MO
(about 30 miles up the road),
spent the night there
and drove back to Sedalia on Tuesday morning, Oct. 22.

We enjoyed visiting the Daum Museum
and touching base with Victoria and Renee,
then decided to have lunch at our fave restaurant,
Kehde's BBQ...
only to find it closed on Tuesdays.
So... we left Sedalia without our fave BBQ sauce,
and drove to Kansas City
where we drove around for a hour
looking for the pizza place.
Our Comfort Inn front desk person
directed us to a pizza place just a few blocks up,
but after following her directions
and consulting our iPhones/Siri
we could not find a pizza place to save our lives
so we ended up at an Applebee's
and ordered their flat bread appetizer.
Our waiter informed us that there was a pizza place
(The Bronx) right across their parking lot! Sigh.
After an OK 'pizza substitute' at Applebee's
we headed back to the Comfort Inn
to watch a little TV and hit the hay...
only to find our bed infested with bed bugs!!!
(Are you sensing a theme here?!?!?)
After being moved to a different room
DH & I tore apart the second bed and double checked
that it was not bug infested...
and it was fine.

Wed. Oct 23
we spent shopping
and visiting our favorite art district.
Since we didn't get our Kehde's BBQ in Sedalia
we decided to get some KC BBQ at Gate's:
Our favorite Chocolate shop was still in business 
so we indulged in a truffle!
We also found a yarn shop, a wood working shop,
and some great coffee shops
to tickle our fancies!

Thursday, Oct. 24,
we drove to Omaha
and had a quick visit with my BFF
before heading on to Lincoln, NE
to visit mom and attend a family wedding.
I can't believe that I didn't take pix of me and my bestee!  

Friday, Oct. 25, 
we visited mom
and attended the wedding:

and reception: 

Saturday, Oct. 26,
we drove back home
for commitments that we had Saturday night.

Let's just say
that the week ended much better than it began!

Now it is back to the 'normal' routines of daily work,
but we are looking forward to next summer's vacation
to see Niagra Falls!

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