Saturday, December 28, 2013

12-27-2013 It's Always Difficult... learn something new!
Had a friend come over today
for her first knitting lesson.

Since I myself am a visual learner,
I made three swatches...
one with the knit stitch (garter),
one with knit and purl stitches (stockinette),
and one with ribbing (alternating knit & purl),
then showed her on each swatch
how to knit and/or purl and 
had her practice on each swatch.
Since she is a Minnesota Vikings fan
I used yarns with their colors.  :*)

I hope she will muster up enough stubbornness
to push through the frustration/learning phase
and then sail into the fun/"I've got it now" phase!
Learning something new is always difficult at first,
and then becomes easy.

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