Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12-31-2013 Cold Shoveling

on this last day of 2013
it was cold shoveling the snow
that had fallen overnight!
On a positive note however,
when it is this cold
when it snows
the snow is dry, fluffy and light...
which makes it easy to shovel...
so I count my blessings!

I loved the poem
presented by Garrison Keillor
on "The Writer's Almanac"
this morning.
It focused on the present moment
rather than the future:

The End of This Year
The best place to be is here,

at home, the two of us, while

others ski or eat out. It will be 

quiet. We won't watch the ball

fall, the crowd in Times Square.

They will celebrate while here

there is this night. Tomorrow 

some will start over, or vow

to stop something; maybe try 

again. Here the snow will

fall through the light over

the back door and gather

on the steps. We will hope

our daughter will be safe.

She will wonder what

the year will bring. Maybe

we will say a prayer.

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