Friday, May 30, 2014

5-30-2014 OMG...BUGGINS

This morning DH & I purchased this
bug repellent at our local HyVee grocery store
to try on our morning walk
through the woods
in 90*F temps and 70% humidity
through SWARMS of gnats and mosquitos and flies.

It worked better than ANY other
bug repellent we have EVER tried!!!
We passed through SWARMS of flying insects
and not even ONE bug landed on us!
Active ingredients:
peppermint oil
clove oil
lemongrass oil.

It allowed us to explore 3 more waterfalls:
(you can click on the pictures to enlarge them)
the Illinois...about a 2' drop...

The Indian Council Overhang...
looking into...

and looking out of Council Overhang...

Kaskaskia Falls...about 30' drop...

and finally, Ottowa Falls... about 40' drop...

5-29-2014 Buddy Blanket

5-28-2014 Artist at Work

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5-27-2014 Gymnastics and Swimming

Having fun splashing in Oma's swimming pool
after gymnastics class...

...while baby sister 
is napping indoors.

Monday, May 26, 2014

5-26-2014 Memorial Day - QC Criterium

Each Memorial Day
we remember and thank 
the service men and women
who give their all
to protect our country,
our freedoms,
our way of life.

This year
the QC Criterium
has moved to a different location
(The hilly Village of East Davenport
instead of flat downtown Rock Island)
that includes some steep hills 
and treacherous corners!
Bicycle racers
from all over the country
participate in this race.
DH & I
participate by observing!
The Start/Finish Line

This gorilla is at the top of the steep hill.

The Peloton

See the metal fences lining the street/race course?
We saw several young kids crash into them
as they turned the corner going 10-20 mph
and get tangled up in the metal bars.
(The older guys/gals go even faster 
around those corners.)
Made me so sad.
So easy to get a broken arm, leg, neck, back...
have your life changed forever
for the sake of 'competition,'
'fun' and 'thrills.'
Seeing those mangled bodies of children
made me sick to my stomach
so we left.
Now they get to spend Memorial Day weekend
in the hospital
and maybe the rest of their lives
in a wheelchair.
Not my idea of 'fun.'

5-25-2014 Current Reads


Saturday, May 24, 2014

5-24-2014 Antique Archeology

It's a beautiful Spring day today
so DH & I drove to LeClair Iowa
to check out the 'new' store of the American Pickers.
(Bet dad and my brother are jealous!)

My favorite piece to see
was this motorcycle
that some guy's grandfather had buried in the back yard
and Mike dug up the back yarn and found it!
Remember that episode?!?!?

5-23-2014 Purple and Orange

Bought some new flowers
for my gardens.

DH & I were in several furniture stores
looking at chairs
and when I say these
I knew the designer and I are kindred spirits!

5-22-2014 Neon Brights

our trip to the shoe store
did not go quite as planned.
The tennis shoes that mommy can afford
are the boring gray generic shoes.

Do you think those are the ones Noah wanted?
he wanted the new, hip, popular
neon brights 
that everyone is wearing these days
(and cost over $100!).
The clerk at the shoe store finally agreed
to sell us ONE of the neon brights,
and if Noah is a good boy all summer
and does his chores
and saves his allowance money
he can buy the other one 
before school starts in the Fall.

We'll see how things go!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

5-21-2014 Fun At The Zoo

 A day at the zoo with Papa and Oma...

 riding the chop-choo train...

riding the Eagle on the Merry-go-Round...

feeding the fish in the coy pond...

5-20-2014 Children's Museum

 Having fun
at the children's museum...
...which will give me a 
cold/runny nose 
next week!

5-19-2014 Moccasin

Finished a Moccasin Slipper
that I am making
as a Knit-A-Long
with a friend!
Made with double strands 
of bulky yarn
it is super warm!

5-18-2014 Peace

Saturday, May 17, 2014

5-17-2014 Time Out in the Naughty Corner

Mommy said
I cannot go outside to play
without any clothes on
so while she wasn't looking
I slipped on my new sweater
and snuck outside
to ride my tricycle...

smell the lilacs...

swing in the swing...

rest in the lawn chair...

and when I heard mommy calling for me
I hid in the rhubarb...

but she found me
and sent me back inside
for a 'time out' in the 'naughty corner.'

Guess I won't try this again
until I get some pants!

5-16-2014 My Girls

Thursday, May 15, 2014

5-15-2014 Pelicans Preening

...seen on this morning's walk
along the Mississippi River...

5-14-2014 Tai Chi Wheels

While on my morning walk
I came across a park
with a small 'playground'
full of exercise equipment/stations,
one of which was these
Tai Chi Wheels.
I've never seen anything like this before
but found it intriguing 
since I have studies and practiced Tai Chi 
for more than a year.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5-13-2014 Waterfalls

DH under LASALLE falls...

Me under LASALLE falls...

Tonti Falls...

St. Louis Falls...