Saturday, August 2, 2014

8-2-2014 Mississippi Valley Fair

Since it was a beautiful summer's day today (90*F)
DH & I decided to go check out the
something we have NOT done since moving here 8 years ago!
They are celebrating their 95th anniversary this summer.

Typical midway...

Tigers... alligators... monkey jockeys riding dogs...

the smell of horse barns...

Son, here is the bouncy castle for your next party!

And of course,
DH & I HAD to try some fair fare,
so we split a funnel cake...
it seemed 'safer' than the corn dogs!
I think our last funnel cake was
at the Missouri State Fair
about 30 years ago.
And it will probably be another 30 years
before we have another! Ha.

This evening I managed to knit
some of the clothes for my Bindweed Fairy...
sleeves, bloomers and her skirt.

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