Monday, September 22, 2014

9-22-2014 The NOOK

On our way to Chicago yesterday,
in addition to stopping at the wood store for him,
DH & I stopped at a new (to me)
yarn shop in Lisle, IL
called The NOOK.
What a fun place on a quaint Main Street!

You can check out photos of the inside of the shop
in the link provided above.

I'd been looking for a hot pink yarn
to make a hat for my Granddaughter
to go with her hot pink coat this winter
and found this yummy hand painted sock yarn...

My husband also picked out this yarn for himself 
for some felted slippers for this winter...
(Iowa winters are COLD!!!)

And most exciting of all...
I am working on a sweater for my grandson for Christmas
and am running out of the yarn
(it came in a kit)
and The NOOK had more skeins of that same yarn!!!
Yay!!!! So, I snagged a few of those as well.

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