Monday, November 3, 2014

11-3-2014 Future Chef in the Making

"Dis soup needs mo spices!"

Every Monday
my dear granddaughter
helps me make a big pot of soup for the week.
Her job is to scoop the cut up veggies 
out of the bowls and into the soup pot,
then go the the spice drawer
and pick out ANY 3 spices she wants
and add them to the soup
(and taste each one with her finger as she does so!).
Then, while the soup simmers away,
we head to the library and exchange books
(so baby sister can take her morning nap at home),
sip a lemonade in the library's coffee shop,
and finally walk over to the house next to the library
to look at all the yard ornaments
before heading back home for some soup for lunch!

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