Friday, December 5, 2014

12-5-2014 Christmas Cookies

My favorite Christmas cookie 
is a recipe given to me by my dear Mother-In-Law.
It is an old German recipe for Lemon Crackers
that uses baker's ammonia as the leavening agent.
I used to be able to buy it everywhere...
then it disappeared
and when I lived in Missouri, 
I had to go to the ADCO Chemical Co. to get it.
Now I have to order it from a compounding pharmacy!
The ammonia makes these cookies delightfully light!
You start by grinding/pulverizing the ammonia (1/2 oz.)
with a mortar and pestle...
Then you add a cup of milk
 and let the ammonia dissolve in the milk for about 30 minutes, stirring frequently.

Meanwhile, in a mixing bowl, 
cream 1/2c. butter and 1+1/4c. sugar.
Then, add the milk/ammonia mix to the creamed butter/sugar.
Now add 2 TB. (yes, that is 2 tablespoons!) of lemon extract,
and 1 well beaten egg to the mix.
Finally, beat in 5c. flour...
(1c. at a time until incorporated)
After the dough is thoroughly mixed,
refrigerate for 1 hour before rolling it out to 1/4" thickness
on a well-floured surface.
Break out the Christmas Cookie Cutters and have at it!!!

Finally, the best part...
frost and decorate!!!
For the frosting,
beat one egg white until frothy
and then add powdered sugar until it is spreading consistency.

This has been our 'go to' Christmas Cookie recipe
for 40+ years.
Making them today brought back 
such fond memories of my children decorating them
when they were little.  :*)

Mmmmm. Now for a cup of coffee to sip with...

I took a plateful to my friends
at Friday Night "Sit & Knit"
and they were like,
"OMG!!! These are SOOOOOOO good!!!"
Yeh, that's what I'm talking about!  :*)
Two thumbs up!

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