Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1-14-2015 Love-Hate Relationship with Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup

First of all,
let me state that I LOVE Bare Escentuals mineral powder makeup!
I have used it for over 20 years
and would not consider using anything else on my face...
until now.
Back in the day, 
the jars did not have 'indented' bottoms
or 'sifters' in the top.
They were FULL of product
from the very bottom up to the lid.
Today I went to replace several products
(well rested, clear radiance, and a blush)
and found they all had indented jar bottoms,
very deep sifters that take up more than half the space in the jar
and the tiny 1/16"-1/8" space that remains at the bottom for the minerals...

...well, it is only  half full.

 Not only that, but what LITTLE product there is
I could not get to without using a pliers to remove the 'tab'
and then unsuccessfully tried to remove the indented sifter
so had to end up smashing the sifter with the pliers
to get at the product!!!

One of the many things I loved about Bare Escentuals mineral makeup
was that you could mix different products together to make custom blends
that were just right for your complexion and coloring,
but they have pretty much made that impossible anymore.

So, even tho I love the Bare Escentuals mineral makeup,
I hate that they have decreased the amount of product drastically...
I hate that they have increased the price...
I hate that I am not getting my money's worth like I used to...
I hate the packaging that no longer allows you 
to get at and use the product.
I hate that I have to give up a makeup that I love
and look for a new one.
I gave up on their loose mineral eyeshadows years ago
for the same reasons.
So sad.

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