Thursday, April 2, 2015

4-2-2015 Surprise Capelet

This past weekend while DH drove us to a knife show
I knitted this 
for a friend (Diane) in Tuesday morning Bible Class
who had been admiring all the knitted 
scarves, mittens, hats and cowls 
I've made and been wearing to class this winter...
said it inspired her to start crocheting again after many years.
So, she purchased this LionBrand Homespun yarn
and decided to crochet a scarf for her daughter.
Finding it IMPOSSIBLE to crochet with this yarn
she brought it to class
and handed it to me with a look of disgust on her face
and said, "Here, you take this! I hate this yarn!"
So, I decided to knit her this Capelet from her yarn
and surprise her with it next week.
Still need to weave in the ends and add a button. 
Hope she likes it!

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