Sunday, May 17, 2015

5-17-2015 New Bed

DH & I bought a new king-size bed this weekend.
When company comes, we give up our master bedroom
and go sleep in the guest room's Queen-size bed. 
It takes a full days work to take off door hinges,
move out chairs and lamp tables, 
and move in youth beds and cribs and such)
to make these arrangements.
After sleeping in a king-sized bed for many many years
DH & I get little sleep 
in the guest room's smaller Queen-size bed.
So, we decided to fix that problem.
We are moving our current king-size bed into the guest room
and buying a new king-size bed for the master bedroom,
so both rooms will now have a king-size bed
and we will not have to move out of our 
master bedroom when company comes!

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