Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5-19-2015 Lost My Wedding Ring

Sometime, somewhere,
during today's busy schedule
of doctor appointments, a mammogram,
grocery shopping, dining out
and other errands around town,
my wedding ring
which has been on my finger
for 42+ years
accidentally slipped off un-noticed.
I am heart-broken!
I took this photo last weekend
to show my Jamberry Nail Wraps for the 
Mother's Day Photo Shoot,
and it shows the ring...
so I printed off this picture
along with all my contact information
and retraced my steps to all the locations
I had gone today
in hopes that someone had found it
or will find it.

I am so sad.
I've never seen another wedding ring
remotely like mine.
It was very unique
and holds lots of sentimental value.

I cannot allow myself to get too upset
or grieve too deeply though
and risk my health (heart)...
I will try to remember that it is "just a thing"
(that can never be replaced!)
which I have enjoyed for 42+ years
and now it is time to "Let it go"
and see what comes next.
Still, the tears keep leaking from my eyes
and probably will for days to come.

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