Monday, June 15, 2015

6-15-2015 Happy Birthday to Me!

After an awful breakfast at the hotel
(DH & I have THE worst luck with hotels!!!)
DH & I decided to hit some tourist attractions for my Bday.
The first one we went to see was the
upside down White House
where I obtained a secret service badge...

after which we played a fun round of mini-golf...

then we perused an Antique/Craft Mall for treasures
(didn't find any that we just had to have)
and had a double bogey lunch there...

and spent the afternoon on the Wisconsin River
viewing some amazing, breath-taking
 sandstone bluffs and rock formations
on one of the Upper Dell Boat Tours...

followed by dinner at the Moose Jaw Pizzaria...
(this is actually the first good meal we've had in the Dells
and we plan to return again!)

where the pizza was FABULOUS!!!!

and my birthday ice cream was free!!!

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