Tuesday, June 16, 2015

6-16-2015 Cinnamon Roll

After a rather unremarkable breakfast at the hotel yesterday
(that's a nice way of saying 'yucky!')
DH & I decided to go find some breakfast elsewhere
so we stopped at Denny's Diner
which is supposed to be famous for their cinnamon rolls...
something we have not had in years!
So, we pulled in...

Dry scrambled eggs, cold bacon, burnt toast, 
one cinnamon roll to share,
and undrinkable coffee...
Won't be coming back here either!

Left the diner
and decided to go find some decent coffee...

Went to Bella Goose,
a local coffee shop...
it was EXCELLENT!!!!!
The coffee was out of this world relish
and they serve made-fresh-daily gluten free scones.
My fave was the raspberry-white chocolate.
DH's fave was the strawberry-rhubarb.
Then and there
we decided to come here for breakfast every day
for the remainder of our vacation!

After we had a decent cup of java on board
we spent the morning at the Tim Bavati Wildlife Park
and were pleasantly surprised by it...
thought it was a bit pricey at first
until we kept walking and walking
and seeing more and more and more exhibits.
It was a wonderful way to spend our morning!

In the afternoon we attended the Rick Wilcox Magic Show
(along with about 100 five-year-olds)
which was delightful and amazing...

which we followed by another round of mini golf
at a different golf course
(DH beat me by 2 strokes again)...

dinner at High Rock Cafe...
...was a "Starbucks steak"
(steak dry-rubbed with Starbucks coffee grounds
and topped with caramel macchiottto sauce)...
which I ordered medium rare
but it arrived well-done
so I left most of it on my plate. :-(
A bit disappointing...

followed by a swim in the hotel pool
while doing some laundry.

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