Thursday, June 18, 2015

6-18-2015 Mirror Lake

This morning
DH & I tried the Bella Goose Lavender Mocha Latte...
ot was divine!!!

 We spent the morning exploring Mirror Lake...
a lake which is so calm
that not a ripple marks it surface
so it reflects a wooded shoreline with 50' high cliffs.
(or as we called it, 'Pond Scum Lake'!)...

 On the far end, by the Ishnala Supper Club,
the lake was a bit clearer and less 'calm'.

After this morning's hike
we went to the Cheeze Factory for lunch...

a 100% vegan, non-GMO menu...
on purpose!
After we had ordered,
we observed the couple at the table next to us...
they said, "Excuse me, waiter,
we have a question about your burgers."
Waiter, in a heavy German accent, 
"There is not one molecule of flesh!!!"
(It was hilarious, but you had to be there.)
Couple, "Oh."
Then the waiter left
and the couple looked over the rest of the menu
and got up and left...
while we stayed and enjoyed a FABULOUS vegan meal...
It was the #2 best meal of our vacation (Distillery was #1)
and we recommend this place without hesitation!
We thought it was kind of sad that so many Americans
cannot go meatless, even for one meal
and miss out on such delicious meals as this.

We spent the afternoon back at beautiful Devil's Lake...

After dinner
at the Moose Jaw Pizzaria

we headed home to find that a Canadian hokey team
had checked into our hotel.

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